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In April 2016 I realized the importance of file and data (Mysql) backups for websites again. On the same day several WordPress websites was hacked and taken down by a small ISP. Now normally this is not that bad, as the client can use the KonsoleH (Hetzner Africa cPanel) to restore the website again. Then the web developer should fix and update the site to plug the holes that was exploited.

However, in this case the Hetzner backup/restore tool was offline for maintenance (You can see the Hetzner Africa network notice below). The problem with the tool started 2016-04-28 and was resolved 2016-05-03. If the client had his/her own backup great. However some clients did not have backups, so had to wait the almost 6 days without any website.

The clients with their own web developers were in a better position as they could also use the hacked copy of the site to try and restore it.