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I started in the ICT industry 13 years ago giving technical support in the call centre of Hetzner Africa, the leading web hosting company in South Africa. Since then I obtained a programming diploma with distinction, created numerous websites with and without e-commerce functions, programmed various web based software systems, provided training in WordPress and started a hosting company.

I was invited by two radio stations as an IT expert and interviewed on a series of programmes where listeners were informed about all IT related topics.

Before that I worked for local, provincial and national government. Apart from the programming diploma, I also hold two honours degrees in Development Studies, specialising in African studies, and Public sector management.

My vision for the company is to have a small, exclusive client base, so that the company can provide extremely high levels of service. Eventually the company will have well-trained staff that will be sourced from the previously disadvantaged community. Skills will be transferred to staff members to set them up in their own career paths.